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29-09-2022 Sillunu Oru Kaathal Colors Tamil TV serial – Sillunu Oru Kaathal 29.09.2022 Serial Online | Sillunu Oru Kaathal 29/09/2022 Colors Tamil TV serial 29th September 2022
Watch Sillunu Oru Kadhal Colors tv serials 29.09.22 | Colors TV serial Sillunu Oru Kathal 29/09/22 Latest Today Episode Online
Sillunu Oru Kaadhal 29-09-2022 Colors Tamil tv Serial | Colors Tv Sillunu Oru Kaadhal 29th September 2022
Directed By :Rathinam Vasudevan
Produced By :S. Jayalakshmi
Written By :V. Padmavathy
Cast : Sameer Ahamathu, Darshini Gowda, Sri Latha, Prathyusha

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Colors Tamil tv Serials, Sillunu Oru Kaadhal
Colors Tamil tv Serial Sillunu Oru Kaadhal 29th September 2022

Kayalvizhi lives with her parents and sisters. One of which is married, but stays in the house along with her husband.

Uthaman, Kayal’s father who has lots of debt hanging over his head and this occasionally makes him emotional at times. He took a loan from his friend Sivaraman Zamindar for his elder daughter Gayatri’s foreign education, but Sivaraman makes an agreement with Uthaman that after his daughter Gayatri come back from foreign, she has to marry his younger son Surya, who is an IPS Officer.

At that time, Kayal running her own secret business with her friend Moni called “Kalyani Apala Kadai” to help her family financially. Surya caught Kayal while breaking the traffic rules. She lies and tells him that her brother is in hospital. Actually, Surya was on the way to meet her elder sister Gayatri for discussion of Marriage. Surya learns that Kayal and Gayatri are sisters and they don’t have a brother. Meanwhile, Gayatri loves Saran (her classmate) So she ran out from her home and married him. After some days, Surya and Kayal are compelled to marry under circumstances. Their marriage ends up in a pickle when it is found out that Kayal was not of legal age when she got married. But Kamala, Surya’s mother doesn’t like Kayal’s attitude, otherside also Surya doesn’t know about Kayal’s secret. Thenu (who is Padma’s daughter) joins hands with and create trouble to Surya and revealed Kayla’s secret which creates mess and Surya got arrested. Surya is angered as Kayal didn’t share her secret to him. After two days, Surya got released and their family members with him and Kayal go to celebrate Ganesha chaturthi festival n Surya was supposed to be titled as Jr.Jamin. Again, Thenu creates mess behind and made that event cancelled. Kayal finds out a bomb n alterts everyone. Surual destroys the same. Later Kamala forces Surya to send out Kayal because of past bitterness and that age issue. Since she was adamant, Kayal leaves home with heavy heart and they applied for divo

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