28-06-2024 Metti Oli-Vikatan tv Serial

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Watch Metti Oli Vikatan tv serials 28.06.24 | Vikatan TV serial Metti Oli 28/06/24 Latest Today Episode Online
Metti Oli 28-06-2024 Vikatan tv Serial | Vikatan Tv Metti Oli 28th June 2024

Vikatan tv Serials, Metti Oli
Vikatan Serial Metti Oli 28th June 2024

The entire plot of Metti Oli is about the daily happenings of Chidambaram’s five daughters. The father is very patient and always remains calm in whatever circumstances, be it happy or sad. He often gets troubled by Rajam quoting the activities of Saroja, his elder daughter.
Chidambaram is a respected land broker. He was a widower and raised his five daughters alone. Chidambaram has taken extra care in raising up their girls as disciplined daughters who are very innocent and caring.
During the last episodes of the serial, Chidambaram dies in a road accident when he was walking on the road, feeling depressed. However, the serial finally ends happily, as the family reunites.

Category: Metti Oli, Tamil TV Serials, Vikatan Serial,

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