26-05-2023 Ethirneechal-Sun tv Serial

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26-05-2023 Ethir Neechal Sun TV Ethirneechal 26.05.2023 Tamil Serial Online | Ethirneechal 26/05/2023 Sun TV Serial 26th May 2023
Watch Ethir Neechal Sun tv serials 26.05.23 | Sun TV serial Ethirneechal 26/05/23 Latest Today Episode Online
Ethir Neechal 26-05-2023 Sun tv Serial | Sun Tv Ethirneechal 26th May 2023
Directed By : V.Thiruselvam
Story By : V. Thiruselvam
Produced By : V.Thiruselvam
Cast :Madhumitha H, Sabari Prasanth,Haripriya Isai, Kaniha, Priyadharshini

Sun tv Serials, Ethirneechal
Sun tv Serial Ethirneechal 26th May 2023

The story involves Janani, a high achiever and her three co-sisters Eshwari, Renuka and Nandhini who are well educated and have college degrees, while all of their husbands aren’t educated at all. Their husbands don’t like them working recurring of what they studied. They want their wives to be housewives but the co-sisters don’t like that. Janani just married Sakthivel, the youngest Aadhi brother, who is honest also submissive in nature. Janani doesn’t know the truth of the Aadhi brothers and Janani thinks Eshwari, Renuka and Nandhini work in offices but in reality they are housewives.

Category: Ethir Neechal, Sun tv Serial, Tamil TV Serials,

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