23-11-2022 Mouna Raagam-Vijay tv Serial

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23-11-2022 Mouna Raagam Vijay TV Mouna Raagam 23.11.2022 Tamil Serial Online | Mouna Raagam 23/11/2022 Vijay TV Serial 23rd November 2022
Watch Mouna Raagam Season 2 Vijay tv serials 23.11.22 | Vijay tv serial Mouna Raagam 23/11/22 Latest Today Episode Online
Mouna Raagam Season 2 23-11-2022 Vijay tv Serial | Star Vijay Tv Mouna Raagam Season 2 23rd November 2022
Directed By : Thai Selvam, Manoj Kumar
Produced By : Chippy Renjith
Written By : Priya Thampi
Cast : Raveena Daha, Shruthi,Rajeev Parameshwar, Chippy Renjith, Anusree Chembakassery

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Vijay tv Serials, Mouna Raagam
Vijay tv Serial Mouna Raagam Season 2 23rd November 2022

After twelve years, Shakthi and Mallika are seen living in Kodaikanal. Shakthi’s name was changed to Sathya. There is a concert at a temple nearby. Karthik and Shruthi arrive. Shruthi is unable to sing so someone there who knew Shakthi said that Sakthi sings well. Sakthi agrees since she will earn money for her mother’s surgery. Karthik is impressed by Shakthi’s singing but he doesn’t notice it is Sakthi since she says her name is Sathya and wrong info about her family. The next day, Malliga learns Sakthi sang with Karthik Krishna and scolds Shakthi but later forgives her. One day Sakthi receives an email from a school in Chennai for her to be a music teacher. It is Karthik’s school but Shakthi does not know that. She asks Malliga if they can go but Mallika doesn’t agree even if she has to take surgery in Chennai but when her health worsens she agrees only if she promises to not communicate with her family. Sakthi and Malliga leave for Chennai. After a few days of arriving, Shakthi learns that her father is the owner of the school but hides it from Malliga. Kadhambari wants to have Shruthi and Varun marry, but Karthik initially disagrees, but later agrees. However, Shruthi wants to marry Tharun (Varun’s brother) and thinks that they are having her marry him. But Tharun falls in love with Sakthi. One day Karthik finds out about Varun’s health conditions and lashes out at Manoharan (Varun and Tharun’s father) for hiding it. On Tharun’s 23rd birthday, Shruthi is about to propose to Tharun but Tharun proposes Shakthi leaving Shruthi hurt. But Shakthi disagrees since her mother said to Tharun to not fall in love with her. At that same time, Mallika learns that Sakthi works at Karthik’s school and she faints. Shakthi arrives home and sees her fainted and panics. Just then Tharun and Sheela (Manoharan’s sister) arrive and take her to the hospital. The doctor said that you have to do the surgery soon but it costs 5 lakhs surgery. Tharun offers to help but Shakthi disagrees and tells him to leave the hospital. Shruthi arrives at the hospital and says that she can pay the money but again Shakthi doesn’t agree. A nurse says that there is a website where videos requesting money can be posted and she receives 1 lakh rupees. Kadhambari sees the video and asks the nurse about Shakthi’s mother’s information and name.

Category: Mouna Raagam, Tamil TV Serials, Vijay TV Serials,

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