10-10-2018 Devi – Polimer tv Serial-Episode 313

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Watch Devi Polimer tv serials 10.10.18 | Polimer TV serial Devi 10/10/18 Latest Today Episode 313 Online
Devi 10-10-2018 Polimer tv Serial | 10-10-2018 Devi Polimer tv serials | Polimer Tv Devi 10th October 2018

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Polimer tv Serial Devi 10th October 2018 Episode 313

Devanshi and Sakshi have grown up and both left Jwalapuri as per their father’s wish. However, due her to sister’s mental illness, she has to come to Jwalapuri again. Sakshi becomes an obstacle in the path of the divas. Instead of Sakshi, Devanshi becomes a target of fire bow but Vardhan, now a little cruel towards this superstitious belief, saves her. The villagers misunderstand Sakshi for Devanshi and Devanshi for Sakshi. They both become targets of the angry villagers and Kusum, but Vardhan always saves them. Meanwhile Devanshi and Vardhan start falling for each other. After all everyone finds out that Devanshi is Sakshi and Sakshi is Devanshi. Due to this Sakshi is cured of her mental illness and falls in love with Vardhan, but soon realize that Vardhan is in love with Devanshi. Devanshi finds out about Kusum’s sins including her parents’ death. Sakshi and Kusum start plotting against Devanshi, but later Sakshi realizes that Devanshi loves her a lot and stops her plotting. Kusum tries to kill her and Devanshi asks her to leave for while, so Sakshi does. Devanshi and Vardhan get married. With Ishwar’s help, she exposes Kusum in front of the villagers, but Kusum manages to escape with Mohan’s help.

Category: Devi, Polimer tv Serials, Tamil TV Serials,

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