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10-01-2023 Kanana Kane Sun TV Kanana Kane 10.01.2023 Tamil Serial Online | Kanana Kane 10/01/2023 Sun TV Serial 10th January 2023
Watch Kanana Kane Sun tv serials 10.01.23 | Sun TV serial KannanaKanne 10/01/23 Latest Today Episode Online
Kannana Kanne 10-01-2023 Sun tv Serial | Sun Tv Kannana Kanne 10th January 2023
Directed By : Dhanush
Produced By : A. Anbu Raja, G. Suraj, N. Subba Rao
Writer : Mahendar Dongari (Varma), Bharathi Kannan
Cast : Rahul Ravi, Iniya, Akshitha Bopaiah, Nimeshika, Nithya Das

Sun tv Serials, Kannana Kanne
Sun tv Serial Kannana Kanne 10th January 2023

Gautam, a rich businessman despises his elder daughter Meera as he holds her responsible for the loss of his beloved wife Kousalya and immense wealth on the day she was born. Though Meera shares a special bond with her stepmother Yamuna and stepsister Preeti, she grows up yearning for her father’s love and affection. On the other side, Yuva sees Meera in temple for the first time and fell for her and loves Meera and also saves her from danger at the right time when Menaka (Gautam’s ex P.A. also his arch rival) and her daughter Swapna sends her goons to harm Meera. Swapna and Meera are from the same university and are rivals like their parents. In order to prevent Meera from writing the exam, Swapna again sends her goons to steal Meera’s Hall ticket. Again, Yuva saves her and convinces the exam invigilator to let her write the exam. Meera also wrote Exam very well with her mother’s (kousalya) pen.He and Meera meet at several places and become friends. On the other side Yuva also meets Preeti at several places and Preeti develops a crush on him seeing his activities (like saving Anbu (“Dhoni”)). Meanwhile Gautam always scold Meera and plans to throw her out of the house. One evening, he tells his mother that he has selected a groom for her granddaughter. She misunderstands that the groom is for Meera and informs the others. On the next day, Yuva plans to propose to Meera. While they meet, Meera tells Yuva that her father has selected a groom for her. Yuva is heart-broken and hides his love from Meera. Afterwards, we come to know that Gautam has actually selected the groom for Preeti as he talks with Kousalya’s photo.

Category: Kannana Kanne, Sun tv Serial, Tamil TV Serials,

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