18-10-2021 Amman-Colors Tamil tv Serial

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18-10-2021 Amman Colors Tamil TV serial – Amman 18.10.2021 Serial Online | Amman 18/10/2021 Colors Tamil TV serial 18th October 2021
Watch Amman Colors tv serials 18.10.21 | Colors TV serial Amman 18/10/21 Latest Today Episode Online
Amman 18-10-2021 Colors Tamil tv Serial | Colors Tv Amman 18th October 2021
Directed By : Ravi Priyan
Produced By : I.Ahmed, Meraki Films Works
Written By : Sairam Sivakumar
Cast : Pavithra, Amaljith, Nanditha Jennifer, Shaliy Avinesh, Lavanya, Jeeva

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Colors Tamil tv Serials, Amman
Colors Tamil tv Serial Amman 18th October 2021

The story revolves around a small village girl, Shakthi, who possesses supernatural powers and can even predict the near future. The villagers soon begin to take their words as true and follow their advice for their own prosperity. Overwhelmed by Amman’s positive aura, everyone admires her as the daughter of God and everyone begins to worship her. In the same village lives Eshwar, a talented doctor, who tries to open a gap between Shakthi and the villagers. During this attempt, an unusual love blooms between the two, making it a fascinating story.

Category: Amman, Colors Tamil tv Serial, Tamil TV Serials,

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